Friday Funny – 3 pm January 1st in Sweden

Do you know what happens in Sweden 3 pm on New Years Day? Ivanhoe the movie from 1982 happens. (And before that, it was the movie from 1952). Tournaments, knights, combats, princes, princesses, the evil King John, the nice Richard Lionheart and Robin Hood. The two beautiful ladies, blonde Rowena (Lysette Anthony) and brunette Rebecca (Olivia Hussey) who will Ivanhoe (Anthony Andrews) pick? And then the bad guy, Brian de Bois-Guilbert played by Sam Neill.

When a kid, it was a very exciting movie to watch of course, an historical adventure, increasing the interest for history, at least for a while.


On Twitter, Ivanhoe is trending which is kinda funny, lots of opinions, and Sam Neills tweet about it really makes me smile. We don’t hate you ­čÖé



Well, time to see what happens this year.



Take care, over and out.

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