Thriller Thursday – but it ended well

Charles Swedblom and his family was very lucky. A Great Northern freight engine backed into their house. Charles was on his way out but noticed what was about to happen, ran back in yelling to everyone to run into the kitchen.

This story is fond in The Pioneer on February 11 in 1907, 109 years ago.


The name Swedblom sounds very Swedish, and yes. Charles Swedblom seems to be identical to Carl Leander Andersson Svedblom born February 27, 1869 in Stora Tuna, Dalarna in Sweden. In 1889 he emigrates from Sweden to America.

Stora_Tuna_1889Here he is on line 6. ArkivDigital: Stora Tuna AI:24d (1880-1890) page 185

In the US city directory of 1906, he is listed as a blacksmith on 601 Polk Street, same address as mentioned in the article.


It seems like Charles dies on January 7, 1947 in Los Angeles. He is buried at Hillside Cemetery in Minneapolis. A photo of him and his wife can be found at this FindAGrave memorial.

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