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Demographical Database of Southern Sweden or is one of my favorite genealogy places when doing family history research in Skåne, Blekinge and Halland.

Our long-range aim is that all churchrecords concerning birth, marriage and death from Skåne, Blekinge and Halland will be registered and free of charge to search on the Internet. To a large extent the churchrecords covers the years 1650-1900. is an easy and free to use database containing birth, marriage, death-and burial records. It is available in English as well, just click on the English flag up in the right corner.

Records have been transcribed are available for search. On every search result you will find the source to the original record which have been good ofcourse. You should always look into the original source.

Since February 1 this year, all digital collections at the Swedish National Archive are free to search av view. At this point more that 100 million digitised archival records.

So, have added a small “Show” you can click when you have done a search. This button will take you to the original churchbook containing the record. Meaning, you can easy look at the original, for free. Sometimes you get to the first page of the book and you have to go to the right page yourself but sometimes you will end up at the exactly right page.

If you want to watch a YouTube-video you will find it here:


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