Tuesday Tip – My favorite productive tool

This spring we got ourself a new gadget which have turned into my favorite productivity tool. It helps me getting my family history research done.

Well, I guess you all know sometimes it is hard to get genealogy time. So much other stuff that needs to get done. Sure, I can do the cleaning and dishes later but then I don’t enjoy the research as much, knowing what I *should* be doing. Sure, I could start with the cleaning and then I will be tired when it is time for research and the motivation I felt to start with is gone..At our home vacuum cleaning is a struggle. First of all, the dog gets way to excited when the vacuumcleaner comes out. He hunts it, barks at it making dust and dog hair whirl around even more. Second it doesn’t get done as often as it should with a dog in the house. And third, even if it looks so nice when it is done, it is totally boring doing it.
So, I did some research and bought a vacuum clearer robot. I picked one that is specially for pet owners and that can handle the dog hair. I also picked one that doesn’t randomly go over the room but that does it in a structured way, almost as I would have done it myself. We named him Brutus. If we let Brutus clean every day we only need to do some vacuum cleaning ourselves about once a month (and then it almost feels like a funny thing to do). Perhaps he misses a spot one day, but the next day he takes care of it.

Let me introduce: Brutus

It also made us do our home “Brutussafe”. No messy cables laying around behind the TV, all nice and tidy now. Every morning when I get up and have made the bed, I put Brutus in the bedroom and close the door. I sit down and have my breakfast while he cleans the room, under the bed where I can’t reach unless crawling on the floor. 10-15 minutes later he is done.
For me, this vacuum cleaner robot has really helped me being more productive and getting genealogy stuff done.

Clearing the house with a smile on the display
Clearing the house with a smile on the display

And on top of it, a robot vacuum cleaner is the “Christmasgift of the year” in Sweden.

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  • November 25, 2015 at 12:59 am

    That's awesome! Although, I think the worst job is dusting. Is there a robot for that? Ha Ha


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