Find your Swedish Ancestors Podcast episode 7

Episode 7

On September 30, International Podcast Day, Find Your Swedish Ancestors Podcast celebrated its 1 year anniversary. It has been a fun year where I have learned a lot about podcasting. I am looking forward to producing many more episodes the coming year. Thanks to all my listeners!

The interest for DNA-genealogy in Sweden is growing. At the Genealogy Days /Släktforskardagarna  in August there were huge lines for people buying DNA-tests, from the morning until closing time in the late afternoon. Most people in Sweden have tested with FamilyTreeDNA, AncestryDNA have only been available for about one and a half year.

News at ArkivDigital: Aerial photographs. If you are an all-in-one subscriber, check out this blogpost on how to search the aerial photos:

250 000 portrait images from thee photography studios in Stockholm have been added: read more here:

Riksarkivet (Swedish National Archive) will remove the paywall to 100 millions digital records.

Swedish TV-show Allt för Sverige starts on October 22. Here are the American participants this season:


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