Find your Swedish Ancestors Podcast – Episode 2

Today I list three sites I think is great for getting information when doing genealogy and family historyresearch in Sweden:

  1. If you are at the familysearch homepage and click on Search in the top meny and to the right you will see Find a Collection. There you will see a link that says Browse all published collections. If you click on that you will see a long list of historical collection. In the meny to the left, you can click on Continental Europe and you will find Sweden in the list. Clicking on Sweden, you will get a list of records. If you click on any of the links, you will get a short decription of the collection and there will also be a link that says Learn more that will take you to the Familysearch wiki and there you will find more information about that particular collection.If you return to the startpage, click on Search and chose Wiki in the meny you will get to the startpage of the FamilySearch wiki. Type in Sweden in the seachfield where it says search by place or topic. You will come to a page called Sweden Genealogy with lot of information on getting started with Swedish research, Sweden research tools, maps of counties, information on parishes. This wiki is really a good help if you want to look up anything on doing research in Sweden.
  2. Lantmäteriet – Historical maps Lantmäteriet, who map the country, have a section on their homepage filled with historical maps of Sweden. The digital archive have more than one million historical maps, and the oldest ones are from 1628. They are free to view.
    They have great information in English on how to get started with historical maps, for example you need to download and install an image viewer to your computer to be able to look at the maps. You will find maps from 1628 to 1928
  3. Sveriges Släktforskarförbund (Swedish Genealogy Association). They have a section on thier homepage in English, Finding your Swedish roots, with a lot of information on doing genealogy in Sweden. This is a page you really should check out.


October 4 – Kanelbullens Dag – Day of the cinnamon bun

I found a video on YouTube on How to make Swedish Cinnamon buns by Donal Skehan. Check it out and bake some. His recipe is found here:  

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