Find your Swedish Ancestors episode 4

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In this episode I talk about the book: Arthur, the dog who crossed the jungle to find a home by Mikeal Lindnord. It is the story about the stray dog that after given a couple of meatballs from the teamleader of a multisport team in a competition in South America started to follow the team and crossed the finish line with them. The team started to call the dog Arthur and it was arranged for Arthur to come to Sweden. This all happend in 2014 and was big news both on news sites and social media.
Link to Facebookpage about Arthur here:


I am a dog person and next to me recording the podcast is the soon to be 13 year old German shepherd Tello (Incidents Othello).


The book got me thinking of how our ancestors dogs left traces for us to find.


First of all, photos ofcourse. But also in documents conserning taxes, like mantalslängder.

Those are found at the Swedish National Archive and a paid subscription is needed to view them.


Marked with yellow is the columns for dogs, dogs for hunting and “unnecessary” dogs, two different columns depending if there was one or many. This particular record is from Farstorp in 1806.


October 17 to October 21 is Nordic Family History Conference at Lot of interesting classes if you are looking into genealogy in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland.

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