Find your Swedish Ancestors Podcast – episode 3


In this episode, Swedish reality show Allt för Sverige (The great Swedish Adventure) have been nominated to an international Emmy award. The winners will recieve their awards in New York on November 21.

The show is popular in Sweden. Americans looking for their Swedish roots comes to Sweden where they will compete in teams and individually. After a month of competing (in contests that all have to with Sweden) and visiting different places in Sweden, there is a winner and the prize is a reunion with the Swedish relatives. Season six that was filmed during the summer will air on October 23rd. Some of the participants already have Facebook fanpages up.

In this episode I use Andrew Richardson as an example on how I try to find out more about a person who emigrated to the US from Sweden. From his obituary, to his death certificate I go to the CDROM Emibas. From the match on the CD, I do a lookup in the household books using the online program ArkivDigital. Since the person happens to be from the Skåne area I also do a search in the Demographical Database for Southern Sweden and from the reference in that database I know what pagenumber I will find the birth in the original birthbook using ArkivDigital again. A video tutorial describing the steps into detail will soon be available.


Obituary of Andrew Richardson

1251 Anders Rickard Nilsson Holmer Andrew Richardson Death certificate

Death certificate Andrew Richardson


Anders Nilsson Rikars Holmer in the EMIBAS cd. Reference to householdbook in Vinslöv page 54 in 1882.


Page 54 in householdbook of Vinslöv 1882.


From the birth and baptism database in the Demographical Database for Southern Sweden with a reference to the birthbook of Vinslöv, page 54.


Birthbook of Vinslöv, Anders is number 2 from the bottom.

Two new resources:

  • The first one, mugshots from the police in Stockholm containing photos from 1869 to 1920. You can search on name, date of birth, place of birth and title.  You can also do a text search. This database is hosted by the Cityarchive of Stockholm.
  • Second one, Swedish American Newspapers. This database is found at the homepage of Minnesota Historical Society and it is newpapers in Swedish published in the US. I would recommend to search on surname and placenames in Sweden and the US and most of them would translate quite well typing them into Google Translate.

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