Podcast: Find your Swedish Ancestors

Episode 8

Episode 8 of Find Your Swedish Ancestors.

Swedish National Archive is turning 400 years this year. Hear about the fire that destroyed a lot of old medieval documents. And what happened to the three men that were found guilty…

From February you no longer need a paid subscription to access the digital records from Riksarkivet. https://sok.riksarkivet.se/digitala-forskarsalen

Swedish Death Index 7 1860-2017, prerelease

At ArkivDigital, population of Sweden increases from 1880-1920 to 1860-1930. A supergreat add!

I am working on some YouTube videos showing how to use the digital research room at Riksarkivet and also some tips and tricks using ArkivDigital. The videos will be published in March.

And, hopefully, next year will be the year I attend Roothtech. Check out the livestream schedule here:

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Episode 7

The interest for DNA-genealogy in Sweden is growing. At the Genealogy Days /Släktforskardagarna  in August there were huge lines for people buying DNA-tests, from the morning until closing time in the late afternoon. Most people in Sweden have tested with FamilyTreeDNA, AncestryDNA have only been available for about one and a half year.

News at ArkivDigital: Aerial photographs. If you are an all-in-one subscriber, check out this blogpost on how to search the aerial photos: http://blog.arkivdigital.net/now-we-begin-to-add-aerial-photographs/

250 000 portrait images from thee photography studios in Stockholm have been added: read more here: http://blog.arkivdigital.net/a-quarter-of-a-million-portrait-images/

Riksarkivet (Swedish National Archive) will remove the paywall to 100 millions digital records.


Swedish TV-show Allt för Sverige starts on October 22. Here are the American participants this season: https://www.svt.se/allt-for-sverige/arets-amerikaner-har-anlant/


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Episode 6:

Happy new 2017 and February already! Don’t you agree there isn’t enough time when doing genealogy and family history research?

My goals for this year:

#1 Dig deep into DNA genealogy. I have with FamilyTreeDNA in 2013 and with Ancestry last year when they made it available to ship tests to Sweden.

#2 Planning what genealogy event to visit this year. RootsTech is coming up next week but I will have to settle for the live streaming (which I love that they are doing). I will also watch Lisa Louise Cooke and the people of Genealogy Gems Podcast doing their live streams from RootsTech. Genealogy Gems is celebrating 10 years this year and is a great inspiration to me.

#3 Going on a family reunion in Minnesota this summer…


Allt för Sverige – Great Swedish Adventure was nominated for an international Emmy award.. and they won! Big congrats! And they are looking for people for season 7 right now.. check out www.greatswedishadventure.com

ArkivDigital, the company that have about 67 millions color images covering various kinds of historical documents such as church records, court records and inventory of estates announced the other day they bought millions of
arial photos. This photos will be digitized and added to the other images. It is photos from the 1950s and forward of houses, farms and gas stations from all over Sweden. Read more on their blog here: http://blog.arkivdigital.net/arkivdigital-acquires-millions-of-aerial-photographs/

Fat Tuesday is coming out! Celebrate by making your own Swedish Fastlagsbulle.



A free, Danish database with emigrants, a lot of them Swedes since many went over Copenhagen. You will find it at  ddd.dda.dk. Click on Emigrants and then start searching. Remember if you type in Last residence to type Sverige and not Sweden.



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Episode 5:


In this episode I talk about All Saints Day that is celebrated in Sweden today, November 5. We go to the cemeteries and light candles remembering our loved ones.

On November 6 it is Gustaf Adolf Day in Sweden. In memory of king Gustaf II Adolf who died on that day in 1632.

Second Sunday in November we celebrate fathers day.

In episode 1, I talked about the Swedish Gravestone inventory and I also made a videotutorial on a couple of searches in that database. The video is found on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpgijQPPGX8

In this episode I talk about some other resources:

The CD with the database Buried in Sweden 2 (Begravda i Sverige 2)

and four free, online databases with graves:

  1. gravar.se
  2. finngraven.se
  3. svenskagravar.se
  4. hittagraven.se

I have made a videotutorial doing searches on the CD and the four websites mentioned above:




I have three really nice books waiting to get new owners.

It is

  1. Swedish Traditions – Jan-Öjvind Swahn
  2. Wonderful Sweden – photos by Bruno Ehrs and text by Tomas Tengby
  3. Sweden in pictures

Send an email to linda@cousinlinda.com answering the following question:

What day do we celebrate fathers day in Sweden?

I need the answer before November 30.

Good luck!

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Episode 4:


I listen to Find Your Swedish Ancestors Podcast episode 4 #genealogy https://cousinlinda.com/podcast/find-your-swedish-ancestors-episode-4/ Click To Tweet

In this episode I talk about the book: Arthur, the dog who crossed the jungle to find a home by Mikeal Lindnord. It is the story about the stray dog that after given a couple of meatballs from the teamleader of a multisport team in a competition in South America started to follow the team and crossed the finish line with them. The team started to call the dog Arthur and it was arranged for Arthur to come to Sweden. This all happend in 2014 and was big news both on news sites and social media.
Link to Facebookpage about Arthur here:


I am a dog person and next to me recording the podcast is the soon to be 13 year old German shepherd Tello (Incidents Othello).


The book got me thinking of how our ancestors dogs left traces for us to find.


First of all, photos ofcourse. But also in documents conserning taxes, like mantalslängder.

Those are found at the Swedish National Archive and a paid subscription is needed to view them.


Marked with yellow is the columns for dogs, dogs for hunting and “unnecessary” dogs, two different columns depending if there was one or many. This particular record is from Farstorp in 1806.

October 17 to October 21 is Nordic Family History Conference at FamilySearch.org. Lot of interesting classes if you are looking into genealogy in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland.

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Episode 3:

In this episode, Swedish reality show Allt för Sverige (The great Swedish Adventure) have been nominated to an international Emmy award. The winners will recieve their awards in New York on November 21.  http://www.iemmys.tv/awards_nominees.aspx

The show is popular in Sweden. Americans looking for their Swedish roots comes to Sweden where they will compete in teams and individually. After a month of competing (in contests that all have to with Sweden) and visiting different places in Sweden, there is a winner and the prize is a reunion with the Swedish relatives. Season six that was filmed during the summer will air on October 23rd. Some of the participants already have Facebook fanpages up.  http://www.svt.se/allt-for-sverige/har-ar-de-nya-amerikanerna-i-allt-for-sverige

In this episode I use Andrew Richardson as an example on how I try to find out more about a person who emigrated to the US from Sweden. From his obituary, to his death certificate I go to the CDROM Emibas. From the match on the CD, I do a lookup in the household books using the online program ArkivDigital. Since the person happens to be from the Skåne area I also do a search in the Demographical Database for Southern Sweden and from the reference in that database I know what pagenumber I will find the birth in the original birthbook using ArkivDigital again. A video tutorial describing the steps into detail will soon be available.


Obituary of Andrew Richardson

1251 Anders Rickard Nilsson Holmer Andrew Richardson Death certificate

Death certificate Andrew Richardson


Anders Nilsson Rikars Holmer in the EMIBAS cd. Reference to householdbook in Vinslöv page 54 in 1882.


Page 54 in householdbook of Vinslöv 1882.


From the birth and baptism database in the Demographical Database for Southern Sweden with a reference to the birthbook of Vinslöv, page 54.


Birthbook of Vinslöv, Anders is number 2 from the bottom.

Two new resources:

  • The first one, mugshots from the police in Stockholm containing photos from 1869 to 1920. You can search on name, date of birth, place of birth and title.  You can also do a text search. This database is hosted by the Cityarchive of Stockholm.
  • Second one, Swedish American Newspapers. This database is found at the homepage of Minnesota Historical Society and it is newpapers in Swedish published in the US. I would recommend to search on surname and placenames in Sweden and the US and most of them would translate quite well typing them into Google Translate.

Thank you for listening. Email questions or comments to linda@cousinlinda.com or at the Facebook page.


Episode 2:

Today I list three sites I think is great for getting information when doing genealogy and family historyresearch in Sweden:

  1. Familysearch.org If you are at the familysearch homepage and click on Search in the top meny and to the right you will see Find a Collection. There you will see a link that says Browse all published collections. If you click on that you will see a long list of historical collection. In the meny to the left, you can click on Continental Europe and you will find Sweden in the list. Clicking on Sweden, you will get a list of records. If you click on any of the links, you will get a short decription of the collection and there will also be a link that says Learn more that will take you to the Familysearch wiki and there you will find more information about that particular collection.If you return to the familysearch.org startpage, click on Search and chose Wiki in the meny you will get to the startpage of the FamilySearch wiki. Type in Sweden in the seachfield where it says search by place or topic. You will come to a page called Sweden Genealogy with lot of information on getting started with Swedish research, Sweden research tools, maps of counties, information on parishes. This wiki is really a good help if you want to look up anything on doing research in Sweden.
  2. Lantmäteriet – Historical maps Lantmäteriet, who map the country, have a section on their homepage filled with historical maps of Sweden. The digital archive have more than one million historical maps, and the oldest ones are from 1628. They are free to view.
    They have great information in English on how to get started with historical maps, for example you need to download and install an image viewer to your computer to be able to look at the maps. You will find maps from 1628 to 1928
  3. Sveriges Släktforskarförbund (Swedish Genealogy Association). They have a section on thier homepage in English, Finding your Swedish roots, with a lot of information on doing genealogy in Sweden. This is a page you really should check out.


October 4 – Kanelbullens Dag – Day of the cinnamon bun

I found a video on YouTube on How to make Swedish Cinnamon buns by Donal Skehan. Check it out and bake some. His recipe is found here: http://www.donalskehan.com/recipes/swedish-cinnamon-buns/  

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Episode 1:
In this episode I talk about how language might be a huge challenge when doing genealogy research in another country. My maternal grandmother was from Estonia, so I know how hard, time consuming and sometimes frustrating it might be. In Estonia I find documents not only Estonian (a language I don’t know) but also German and Russian.

Another challenge might be geography, what if I don’t find the place names on a map? The patronymic namesystem used back then might be a bit tricky. But I see it as a help or clue instead. If Anders Nilsson have a son, his surename would be Anderson. If he have a daughter it would be Andersdotter where dotter means daughter.

I take all those questions and thoughts I have run into doing my Estonian research and try to answer them for you, because I am sure you have the same questions and more when doing your Swedish research.

I talk about databases with gravestones. Especially Svenska gravstensinventeringen, the Swedish gravestone inventory that is found at grav.genealogi.se It is only in Swedish, but in this videotutorial I am showing you a couple of searchers and how you can make use of the built-in translation in the webbrowser Google Chrome.

And a cheatsheet for you to download:

Im also telling you a story that made the local news, you will find the article here and Google Translate will do a pretty good job translating it for you. http://blogg.hd.se/slaktforskning/2013/05/23/nar-tillfalligheterna-spelar-in/


Swedish words
gravsten – gravestone
kyrka – church
kyrkogård – cemetery
begravning – funeral

I hope you enjoyed the very first episode of Finding your Swedish Ancestors with me Linda Kvist.  You could contact me at linda@cousinlinda.com with comments or questions, or leave a comment on the Facebookpage: https://www.facebook.com/clpodcast/ I would love to hear from you.

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Episode 000 of Find your Swedish Ancestors podcast is an About me episode. I talk a little about my background and why I wanted to start this podcast.

This is my paternal grandmother Lilly, who sings in the end of the episode.


Grandmother Lilly
Grandmother Lilly

Thanks for listening, until next time, have a nice day, take care, over and out.