Happy New Year

I want to wish you all a Happy New Year, hoping 2016 will be great.

2015 was the year I learned what happens when you don’t listen to your body and just keep going. I got to spend weeks just sitting in the garden and going for walks with the dog, learning how to do absolutly nothing. Doing nothing and not feeling bad about not getting stuff done every single minute. Learning saying “no” and turning off notifications from mail and social media. It has been, and still is, a journey where I have gained lot of experience, wisdom and learned so much about myself.

The dog in the garden where we spent a lot of time in the spring and summer of 2015.

Family history
When it comes to family history research I haven’t really been doing that much research myself during the year. Of course I have been keeping up-do-date whats going on in the genealogy world. There are som many good blogs, podcasts and newsletters out there making it easy. And Twitter of course. ¬†At my local genealogy society I talked about my genealogy research in Estonia, about 70+ people came to listen, that was great fun. For 2016 I have some ideas and projects I want to do that will be fun and inspiring. More about them later on. I also plan to visit some genealogy and family history conferences. Hopefully there will be some interesting webinars to attend as well.

Moved the blog
As you can see, cousinlinda.blogspot.se has now moved to this domain, cousinlinda.com, just like my blog in Swedish moved from kusinlinda.blogspot.se to kusinlinda.se in February. It is always hard to pick out a theme but I think it turned out quite nice, don’t you?

With that, I hope you will have a great 2016!

Take care, over and out


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