Friday Funny – All weekend fun! Free access to ArkivDigital.

Tomorrow, third Saturday of March, is Släktforskningens Dag – Day of Genealogy
in Sweden. There are events all over Sweden and I will spend some hours at the local library together with the local genealogy society helping beginners with genealogy.
And some great news, ArkivDigital will be free for the weekend. ArkivDigital is a subscription site where you get access to their 67 million digital color images of Swedish church records, estate inventories and other historical records. And this weekend you will be able to access it all for free!
ArkivDigital have two different types of subscriptions. One basic subscripton and a All-in-one. It is the All-in-one you will get access to. It is the one I use myself.
You will be able to search index of Population of Sweden 1950, 1960, 1880-1920 and Swedes in US 1940. And of course browse all the other records.
So, perhaps you had ancestors who emigrated in 1890s. If you have a birthdate and birthplace try to search the Population 1880-1920.
Once you found them, you can go into the house examinerolls and look for parents, siblings and other relatives. You can follow them back to birth and walk your way forward. Then you can search in Population of Sweden 1950 and 1960 for their siblings, nieces and nephews and try to locate them.
Example: Nels Richardson, born February 27 1860 in Vinslöv, Sweden. I happen to know that he was called Nils Nilsson Rickard in Sweden. I also know that he had four siblings: Anna, Anders, Elna and Karna. I know that Karna stayed in Sweden and she had a daughter Hanna, born September 12 1881 in Farstorp.

I do a search in 1880-1920 on Nils and date 1860-02-27. I start with only his first name because if he is a child he will probably not be listed with a surname.

In one of the matches I find Nils living with his parents and siblings. There is a clickable link to the original source.

Next example:  look for Hanna. I do a search for Hanna 1881-09-12 and Farstop.

I look into one of the matches and it has a link to the birthbook.

I look in the birthbook and I notice that it is the Hanna I am looking for. Her mother is Karna and Hanna is born out of wedlock.

Then I look for Hanna in Swedish population 1950. I find her. She is married to Nils Anton Berlin.

I try a search for Hanna in 1960. I don’t find her so I do a search for Nils and it looks like Hanna has died, he is listed as widow (änkling).

Have a funny Friday and a nice weekend checking out ArkivDigital.

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