Follow Friday – 101 Best Free Websites for Genealogy 2017

FamilyTree Magazine has published a 101 best free websites for genealogy in 2017.  Check it out here: There are definitely some sites that are new to me. And some of my absolute favorites like Chronicling America,  Genealogy Gems, and Minnesota Historical Society.

There are some really good resources out there. And looking at the list, both Facebook and YouTube is listed so it is not just all genealogy sites. I use Facebook for all the genealogy groups that are there ofcourse, but also to find relatives and other into genealogy and family history research.

When I was visiting my relatives in Minnesota this summer I got to look at a bunch of papers in Swedish. There were some letter that I translated but also something that looked like lyrics to song when I read it. I had never heard the song but I found it on Youtube ofcourse… What is your favorite free website for genealogy?



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