Sorting Saturday – Magazine holder

New year and time to organize and keep organized. The shelves in the store that were filled with Christmas decorations is now filled with all things needed to get things organized.. Plastic boxes and labels.

I find sorting and organizing funny. It usually goes from quite nice to chaos and then really good. I never seem to be able not to create the chaos in the middle of the process but that is fine.. as long as it doesn’t turn up visitors.

Even if moving toward paperless I still have genealogy magazines and different genealogy society member papers that are not digitalized and that I want to keep.

Years ago, I bought cheep magazine holders at IKEA. I figured I’d try to make them a little nicer with a kind of family history theme. I wanted to make one look like a wall with some family portraits on it. So, I picked out a couple of scanned photos I have in my computer on my grand mother Lillys side of the family. A photo of her parents, Bengt J├Ânsson and Sara Lovisa Hansdotter. Sara Lovisas’ parents, Hans Persson and Anna Andersdotter. Sara Lovisas’ aunt and uncle, Amanda Hansdotter and Henrik Petersson and finally a photo of the cousins of Sara Lovisa, Elsa, Karl and Gustav Pettersson.


I used the holder as a template cutting out a light purple piece I wanted as the background. Then I glued the printed out photos on it. I made the frames from different material. You know this annoying strap that are on shirts so they won’t slip of the hanger but always turns up next to your neck if you forgot to remove them? I tend to save these thinking they might be useful some day.. Today one was. I also used a piece of wallpaper that once one on a wall in the house (we removed it when we moved in but I saved a few samples.. never know when they could get handy..see?).


When done with all the frames I glued it all to the holder and I think it turned out really cute, right? Now I only have to do a few more…


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