DIY Spoon jewelry

Pinterest have some great inspiration when it comes to different ways of displaying family history. I love jewelry made out of spoons so I decided to try to make a pendant made of a spoon. I think it turned out pretty ok for a first try.

So, I took and old spoon I had and with a hammer (choose a heavy one) I flattened it out on an anvil. When I was done, I choosed to work with the backside since it looked the nicest. With the help of metal letter stamps, the block of metal and a hammer I stamed in my surname, my mothers,grandmothers and great-grandmothers maiden names. In the bottom I stamped #DNA. On an extra piece of metal I stamped our mtDNA haplogroup. I drilled holes to attach that extra price of metal, mainly to get some depth to it all and also two holes to attach a leather string. Then I cut off the spoon handle using my dremel. I removed sharp edges first with a file and then using a sandpaper bit on the dremel.  I painted the letters with a permanent pen to make them more visible. Polishing the rest of the spoon with silverpolish.


Then, done with the “heavy, noisy work” in the garage and could continue indoors. I printed some pictures of me, mom, grandmother and great-grandmother , cut them out and glued onto the spoon and then using a paintbrush putting on some varnish. I also glued on some beads and some glitter.

And when will I wear that? Well, in a couple of weeks it is The day of genealogy here in Sweden and archives and local societies are having a lot of genealogy arrangements all over Sweden. The theme this year is DNA in genealogy. I will be at the local library helping beginners to get started doing their family history research. That will be a good day to wear my necklace.


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