End of year 2018

We are counting down the last days of 2018. In the end of December 1997 I walked in to my new job at the IT department at the local newspaper for the first time. 21 years ago my dream job was working with computers. Troubleshooting errors and coming up with solutions. Trying out all the latest systems, programs and gadgets.

Before I got my job at the newspaper I worked in a computerstore assembling PCs in the way the costumer wanted it. I remember when people choosed between a processor with or without a mathprocessor (Do you want a sx or dx?). I remember when we got the Intel Pentium processor. And I remember when we got to install Windows 95 for the first time. And we had computers at a big exhibition with a sign “come and try surfing on the Internet!”. It was a pretty slow modem and people asked why most of it was in English. And that was at a time when Google didn’t exist. Assembling those computer was like playing with Lego. In some way it was creative. I built something, even if a lot of the computers I built had the exactly the same configuration. Every Christmas when there had been a new FIFA-game the shop was invaded with people who couldn’t start the game because there wasn’t enough memory. I had to show them how to change in the autoexec.bat file and in the config.sys file to get it to work.

So, during the 21 years at the newspaper so much happened in the field of IT it never got boring. In February 2007 I started doing genealogy. A whole new area with so much to learn and so much going on. To me, it is the kind of same way to work when I troubleshoot computers. You got a problem to solve.

The thing I like so much is the combination between the old documents and history together with the latest technology. Two years ago I started my Find Your Swedish Ancestors podcast. My goal was to help people that have ancestors in Sweden but doesn’t speak the language to find where to look and what is able. I haven’t been had as much time as I wanted to put into my podcast project or any other genealogy projects on my list. And the more I have been thinking about it the more it has become clear. This is my NEW dream job. Working with genealogy in some way, full time.

So, 2019 will be a super exciting year for me. I am starting up my own business, doing genealogy full time. I am leaving my job since 21 years, working at the IT department at the local newspaper. Right now I am in planning mode, there are so many projects I want to be working with. And of course I want to deliver a podcast filled with information, tips and tricks to help the listeners find their Swedish ancestors and discover their history.

I want to send all my listeners a really big THANK YOU and hope you will enjoy 2019 together with me.


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