In the mid 1800 and to the 1920s about one and a half million Swedes emigrated, most of them to North America. About half a million returned back to Sweden.

Are you looking to search for your Swedish ancestors but feel like it is a bit hard not knowing the language and where to start?

I know what a challenge it might be since my maternal grandmother was from Estonia. It takes time when you don’t know the language, not all familiar with the geography and knowing what resources there are.

That is why I started this podcast. I love genealogy and I am trying to answer the questions I have asked myself doing genealogy research in Estonia but from a point of view of someone starting out to do research in Sweden.

I like the podcast format, you can listen when you are doing something else, out walking, working in the garden or cleaning the house.

I have worked in the field of IT since 1994. I have always liked problem solving and I guess that is why I like doing genealogy as well. A big puzzle that never ends and most answer usually leads to two new questions.

My genealogy journey started in 2007 and it has amazed me how up-to-date with technology both genealogy tools and researchers are.

Since a couple of years I am member of the board of my local genealogy society. I am webmaster of the homepage and I used to be editor of the membermagazine. Last fall I gave a speech on my Estonian genealogy research. I have been featured several times in articles about genealogy and family history research. In 2014 I was in the FamilyTree Magazine article Social Media Mavericks: 40 to Follow.

To contact me, send an email to linda@cousinlinda.com


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