I have had four weeks of vacation, last day today and one goal was to fix a workbench in the garage where I can do some wood, metal and other projects. I managed to get it in order, got some new tools and stuff. I have been looking much into making jewelry from old silverware and thinking of how I could make a mix of genealogy and jewelry. So, why not spoons with DNA haplogroup stamped on it?   Take care, over and out  Read More →


Pinterest have some great inspiration when it comes to different ways of displaying family history. I love jewelry made out of spoons so I decided to try to make a pendant made of a spoon. I think it turned out pretty ok for a first try. So, I took and old spoon I had and with a hammer (choose a heavy one) I flattened it out on an anvil. When I was done, I choosed to work with the backside since it looked the nicest. With the help of metal letter stamps, the block of metal and a hammer I stamed in my surname, myRead More →


New year and time to organize and keep organized. The shelves in the store that were filled with Christmas decorations is now filled with all things needed to get things organized.. Plastic boxes and labels. I find sorting and organizing funny. It usually goes from quite nice to chaos and then really good. I never seem to be able not to create the chaos in the middle of the process but that is fine.. as long as it doesn’t turn up visitors. Even if moving toward paperless I still have genealogy magazines and different genealogy society member papers that are not digitalized and that IRead More →


Do you know what happens in Sweden 3 pm on New Years Day? Ivanhoe the movie from 1982 happens. (And before that, it was the movie from 1952). Tournaments, knights, combats, princes, princesses, the evil King John, the nice Richard Lionheart and Robin Hood. The two beautiful ladies, blonde Rowena (Lysette Anthony) and brunette Rebecca (Olivia Hussey) who will Ivanhoe (Anthony Andrews) pick? And then the bad guy, Brian de Bois-Guilbert played by Sam Neill. When a kid, it was a very exciting movie to watch of course, an historical adventure, increasing the interest for history, at least for a while.   On Twitter, Ivanhoe isRead More →


I want to wish you all a Happy New Year, hoping 2016 will be great. 2015 was the year I learned what happens when you don’t listen to your body and just keep going. I got to spend weeks just sitting in the garden and going for walks with the dog, learning how to do absolutly nothing. Doing nothing and not feeling bad about not getting stuff done every single minute. Learning saying “no” and turning off notifications from mail and social media. It has been, and still is, a journey where I have gained lot of experience, wisdom and learned so much about myself.Read More →


This spring we got ourself a new gadget which have turned into my favorite productivity tool. It helps me getting my family history research done. Well, I guess you all know sometimes it is hard to get genealogy time. So much other stuff that needs to get done. Sure, I can do the cleaning and dishes later but then I don’t enjoy the research as much, knowing what I *should* be doing. Sure, I could start with the cleaning and then I will be tired when it is time for research and the motivation I felt to start with is gone..At our home vacuum cleaningRead More →